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computer repair

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Let's find your lost files

we've recoverd over 5 million lost and damaged files for our customers, let's find yours too!

hard drive data recovery

our specialised recovery tools can find deleted and damaged files from deep within your hard drive’s file system, even if they’re over 10 year old!


your laptop or desktop computer, it's likely that your hard drive will be either the ATA or IDE type connector.

our workbench has the necessary tools and adapters to get into any device and recover your data.

Solid State Drives

like other drives, SSDs can become corrupted or your files can be lost or damaged.

we can access and recover hidden files and fragements to help you find what you need.

Apple Mac Supported

whether you have a Mac or PC, we've got you covered.

we can read file systems suported by Mac os operating systems to find your data and convert it to a readable format on any machine

Tips to avoid further data loss

turn it off!

you might hear grinding or clicking noises when your hard drive is connected and receiving power. If you do, turn off your computer and disconnect your hard drive from it’s power source.

keep it cool and dry

hard drives are sensitive to shocks, liquids and especially heat.

keep your hard drive away from heat sources, liquids and in a safe place.

it's tempting to try..

you might have the desire to perform some “DIY” on your device, but you may cause more damage by attempting your own repairs. Take a breather, don’t panic and call a reliable and trusted hard drive repair expert.

want to know more about hard drives?

check out some of our most frequently asked questions

clicking, grinding or loud whirring noises indicate a mechanical failure within your hard drive itself.

you should never open a hard drive or remove screws from the hard drive cover as the sensitive discs can become damaged even by dust and other particles in the air.

this type of damage should only be repaired by a professional hard drive repair company who work in clean rooms with highly specialised equipment.

this is a common fault with damaged or corrupted hard drives. you may hear the hard drive spinning up but it may have suffered shock damage, liquid ingress or a serious failure due to viruses or corrupted programs.

remove the damaged hard drive from your computer and contact your local repair technician.

solid state drives are significantly faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives as they have no moving parts and use NAND technology to transfer data.

if you are buying a new computer or laptop we highly recommend a device with a solid state drive fitted to load and run your operating system.

if you want to upgrade from a traditional hard drive to a solid state drive this is also an excellent idea, but you will need to install your operating system onto the new ahrd drive and re-install all of your applications and configure settings.

no! you should never dispose of your hard drive in your normal waste for several reasons.

even if you think your hard drive is damaged, someone may stil be able to recover information from it, and may leave yourself vurnerable to cyber theft.

find a “WEEE” compliant data destruction company who will collect and physically destroy the hard drive either by crushing or degaussing to make sure that no files can be recovered

there are plenty of software programs available for you to download and try to recover data by yourself, however many of these offer limited features unless you are prepaed to pay for their premium product.

you may find, however, that there is a deeper fault with your hard drive that requires furthe repair before a recovery program can try to find your lost files.

hold on there! your data isn’t lost forever (just yet)

reformatting a hard drive only “prepares” it to be used for new purposes and cleans up some parts of the file system. your existing data is stil recoverable as it has not truly been “deleted” only marked as “reusable space”.

this simply means that you are running out of usable space on your hard drive and youwill need tyo make some changes.

we recommend deleting old programs or pre-installed software that you don’t use.

transfer personal files to an external hard drive or store them on a cloud server.

no! the absolute minimum amount of disk space you should look for in a new computer is 64gb.

32gb is not enough memory to install and run windows 10, including its updates and all pre-installed software.

many people have fallen foul of this trap and end up losing valuable data as their system clogs up with more windows files and then crashes because there is more usable space.

look for laptops or computers with at least 64gb of memory storage.

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