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computer repair

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

iMac, MacBook and iPad

we provide support for a wide range of apple products!

new screens
from £65

we offer a range of screen repair services that include;

iMac 2008 - 2012 models
iMac 2012 - 2019 models
MacBook range
MacBook Pro range
Macbook air range
iPad range

please be aware that due to ecessive global demand, some screens may be difficult to purchase and prices may be higher than the standard retail price.

new batteries
from £65

your battery can wear out over time and cause other problems with your device if not taken care of

we only use certified manufacturer replacement battery pack compatable with your laptop model to ensure safety and performance.

software repairs and upgrades
from £45

you might be surprised to learn that Macs get bogged down with corrupt software, bloated sodftware and bugs just like PCs

The good news is that many Mac problems can be fixed with software based solutions, up to and including a complete factory reset of your system

Tips to keep your Mac running smooth

get those updates!

just like a PC, Macs need to be updated regularly to ensure that the latest software and security updates are installed and working to keep your computer safe.

install updates regularly and make sure that you are running the latest OS compatable for your Mac.

avoid 3rd party apps

apps which are not verified and available on the apple app store come with a range of potential bugs and headaches.

These apps may not work well with apple’s own operating software and you can experience problems from crashing, decreased battery life, screen display issues and loss of data.

we recommend that you only download apps and games which are verified through the apple store.

ditch what you don't need

MacBooks and iMacs are renowned for being super fast machines with greate display and working capabilities, but they can start to slow down if they are trying to handle too many things at once.

we recommend that you only install programs that you need, delete old programs and files that you no longer use and keep your open apps and tabs down to a minimum to save on performance

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